running away

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When I finally  Get help What will happen Will they think  I’m someone else 
I watch  as time passes without me  it leaves me  surrounded by myself and silence
Interstate Vision   Driving by orange jumpsuits on the highway You’ll smile at me and I’ll look away You take my right hand, your left one’s on the wheel
I felt you and it scared me how much you could see you were the first person to know what I'd been through   and you still wanted me? I wasn't sure how to feel
Mother didn't care Father didn't know. Now dear heart, You are all alone.   No one notices, Or really even cares. They won't see you.   Just a broken girl.
I get so confused the room is spinning then I get accused of something I didn't do. I try so hard but it doesn't matter they won't stop until I admit they are right and I am wrong
Avalanche   Since a quarter after midnight,the boy with one black eye,bags under both eyes,and eyelids as heavy ashis conscience,has sat under the spotlightsof the gas station,staring.
I. You were the beacon I needed as we trailed along a scattered glass shore. Brine on flesh, we wished to sail against the heartbeat of crashing waves.  
We can forget about your work and the things you have to do We can run away together, just me and you We can get in my car and we can go far Away We can be isolated and we can love it that way 
Someday she'll be gone, she'll have left all alone. They'll catch on eventually, without having known The puzzle pieced burden of her created norm, How she sobbed through the nights, braving the storm.
I'm running away for me. Can you try to have fun? This has nothing to do with you. Please don't stay long in the sun.   I will be back. Just wait in your chair dreaming of my pack.
Taken from the rhythm of life Immersed into the pit of life as you know  it Guided yet lost Controlled yet self- determined Sought after as a case revived by the aid of hope
I’m not staying. I cannot remain still when my mind is racing with thoughts of you. Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived. I am going away; I am running to solve my mystery and to forgive.
Let's say we ran away to those islands you love so much I leave my hair all curly and wild and collect sea shells to make jewelry to sell you'd run a little grill shack on the beach
Let's go sailing in the water before it gets too dark tonight Before the waves come crashing over us and capsize our lives Let's go sailing in the water before my fears come eat me alive
The pounding keeps beating in my head, I run, and run, and run some more, The pounding keeps beating in my head, Away from that thing that was my home, The pounding keeps beating in my head,
I wanna get out, find my life in living run from those who would hold me down keep me use me I can't stay here No, not even for the promises I made I want to be Free Me as I see
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