Hi, welcome to Al1ster,

the world's best utopia,

all your troubles will be solved here,

today on our docket we have how to deal with orphans and delinquents:


Note:The state does not have dedicated housing for non-essential parties.

However, here in Al1ster, we pride ourselves in giving our lords and ladies a treat.


Extermination is a must here, for ones we cannot keep,

they crowd our streets and interrupt our meals,

smashing windows and crying while we sleep.

a nuisance they are.


Find them, and capture them,

make an example, and provide a show,

and always by the rope, blade, or hand,

every single one must go,


Do not hesitate,

for that would be a crime,

the ones who don't obey,

will not be seen for all of time,


So enjoy yourselves,

but please do not delay,

because in Al1ster,

no one can run away.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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