a strong woman vs a woman of strength

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Once Upon A Time…. A fair princess was born. And all the land adored, The little babe adorned. How soon would she be betrothed…
When I speak it goes unheard but when I'm silent it speaks words I don't care about the actions you percieve but to me I'm more than an average chick I'm a powerful black queen
As you walk down the street Women, girls stop to Look you up and down To give you jealous looks And you can see in their faces That they are judging you How silly of them 
Letting you in was like letting the alcohol rinse inside the alcoholic's mouth Dangerous, toxic, and satisfying You kept hurting me, taking advantage of the love I had given I was broken and used up
I didn't mean it, didn't mean to fall in love on accident. There you were, standing right in front of me, arm extended with space between our existence. Eyes met, greeted the souls deeply rooted in these idle bodies.
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