Once Upon A Time...The Great Divide Brought Them Back Alive

Once Upon A Time….

A fair princess was born.

And all the land adored,

The little babe adorned.

How soon would she be betrothed…

To a little prince unknown,

Destined to bless the kingdom with gold.

Thus, the fairy-tale shall sing,

Of a ceremony and ring,

But that was not to be…

For war erupted to divide,

And as the royal family fled to hide,

The mother left the babe behind,

To be cared for by three fairies divine,

For the enemy strived to end the royal line.

And thus, for the eighteen years that went by…

The land was scorched and left behind,

Its people scattered to lead other lives.

But the princess was not forgotten…

For a royal unity could still be made,

To restore the land now cursed and slain.

From the South so confidently represented,

Came a Prince knight so regal and acquainted,

Who had sacrificed the comfort of royalty,

To be able to fight and defeat the unruly,

Unspeakable evil that possessed the enemy.

Now that the Prince had purged the land,

He paused to think and came to understand

That one man cannot stand alone to comprehend,

The mysteries and struggles his life had.

He must find his equal,

His foundation,

His friend.

But what is this, a great sound in the North!

Most likely a battle won granting a general great worth.

As the storm clouds set over the rough terrain,

It shadowed an army galloping straight through the rain.

“Arm yourselves men! We will see a war again…”

The Prince mounted his horse and grabbed his sword,

Whistled at his men to form and march through the storm,

Toward the army that approached….


Commanded one soldier who broke free from her guard,

And at once the Prince stopped hard,

Causing both armies to be halted,

But within seconds the leaders to rode toward each other.

The Prince exclaimed, “Show yourself Soldier for I must know,

If you would be my friend or my foe…”

The Commander chuckled but removed her mask,

And to the Prince’s amazement he had to ask,

“How did such a beauty obtain the task

Of leading 10,000 men through a battle and back?”

With a smile she replied,

“With the help of the divine I endeavored to lead,

The strong and the weak to victory.

For I was born in a time of great divide,

So I must live to see our lands reunite.”

“I am no enemy nor a threat that you can see,

Let us camp out here tonight, let our men rest and eat.”

This Commander lead swiftly,

And the Prince watched carefully,

How she respected and cared for her men so kindly.

Must have been fate that the armies crossed,

Their camp was secure even during the Winter Frost.

The Prince took note of what he witnessed,

For soon would come a night-long conversation.

“Commander, how did you come to power?

I must say your beauty resembles a perfect flower,

Destined to be showcased in a royal tower,

But yet you are among your men,

Their equal,

Their foundation,

Their friend...”

The Commander rested her hand upon his knee,

“You have discovered my secret Prince,

Respect, compassion, and true leadership.

I respect my men as if they were my equal,

I empathize with their suffering,

And finally, I encourage friendship to unify us.”

The Prince brushed her hair away from her face,

“Perhaps you were destined for even greater fates,

Such as a royal Princess.”

The Commander turned to look directly into his eyes,

“I tell you now that I am the begotten Princess,

That was hidden away for such a long time,

The Princess that you were destined to find,

But I am no mere fragile Princess…”

The Prince sighed in relief and replied,

“Not an ounce of weakness can be found within you,

For you survived the Great Divide,

It would be an honor to stand by your side.”


This fairy-tale was written to inspire,

That one can be as strong as fire,

And live happily ever after.



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