Love On Accident

I didn't mean it, didn't mean to fall in love on accident. There you were, standing right in front of me, arm extended with space between our existence. Eyes met, greeted the souls deeply rooted in these idle bodies. Skin, soft to the touch, voice, commanding, yet gentle sound to my ears, like a sweet strumming of guitar strings. How could I say no? Your presence, so important, like clockwork every time you reappeared. My mind, not mature enough to understand just how significant you would become......or already were. You held my amazement and curiosity, perfectly balanced, never fumbled, never missed a step. Guarded them like life would steal them away. Unconsciously, you weren't aware, weren't awoken to the ways you had subconsciously pulled me into your world, your space, your life. Unlike any soul I had come to know, you, so unforgettable, rare, an angel of this lifetime that I'm, enthusiastically enthused to share space with. God sure knows who we need, who we don't, wasting no space for those never wanting to stick around, away he casts them. For he knows all that works, all that must be done. The way I feel, the way I see it, God, our ruler, knows who's complacent, who's right in front to show their true selves, and all true colors. In one cast of his hand, the complacent are moved adjacent so that those who really matter appear in clear view. Can you see my colors? Do they capture your attention? Do they appeal to your pretty brown eyes? They are the colors of love, waiting to come to the forefront, couldn't front if I tried. My love inside could never deny its reality that is you. Dreams are beautiful sometimes, make us smile, wish, hope that hopefully, we can grasp love in any form presented in present times. No longer do I dare, or wish an angel would fly down to wrap me in its wings. Cause my angel doesn't come with any. No fancy golden halo, but golden skin instead. Even better! No white robe like the rest, just clothes relatively beautiful. You outshine the dark trials most would never survive. Those hurdles held no chance as you leaped, ran with the quickest sprint. Your spirit, though slightly sprained, it will heal, will be stronger the thousandth time around. Your spirit, it knows no defeat, no helpless way of living. It only knows to strengthen with time, to embrace life even when stones are thrown your way. Never has agility looked wonderful on anyone until now. Never has the will to go on, been dressed in a fashion only you can pull off. You are a beautiful example, a true testament, that the good outweighs the bad, and the ugly.

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