Black Power

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The Sum Being called N-Word How many times? Being underestimated because I am a Black womanSeveral timesSnubbed because I am BlackToo many times Ignored because I am a womanLots of timesA look of surprise and a frown when I say that my mother read
"Akonadi, the people’s activist." Akonadi is an oracular goddess of justice and a guardian deity for women. Inspired by a Ghananian goddess.    
The most beautiful blue sky comes after a day of rain, The most beautiful art comes from a place of pain, Some of the wisest people we claim to be insane, These worldly people are evil, ice reigns in their veins,
Who may sing America? They sing America Without ridicule Without judgement Because their skin is without color  They sing America  And are praised  And are admired
Long exposure trees and shadows   Freaky black things Looking Beautiful   diamonds against red and blue green
Look at me.Let my skin tell you a story of pain and suffering, let my eyes give you sight and show you my history.
How you just gon let your tongue fall out of your mouth like that Don’t you know the floor is dirty
I was told that my friends were no good. Single parent home, shattered family values, This was no Leave It To Beaver production.   I was told that my friends were no good,
Ebony Noun A heavy blackish or dark brown timber I am ebony Also known as a jewel You would be considered a fool  If you didn't see me as beautiful Look in the dictionary and
Who am I? I AM an African American Male in the 21st Century I am not a walking target  I am strong and I have power I am growing and learning blossuming like a flower I am what society despises of me
when will the injustice end
Don't Judge the Color of My Skin 
So, my skin isn't too light. Some might even say it's not right, just wrong. My hair isn't long by the beauty-man's standards. It lacks in flat and lifelessness. It's curly and wild, not wispy and slight. My eyes shaded with shadows and brown.
Black Power! They may try to devour Within the hour If things go sour Theres always power Within all thats ours Black powers is ours to devour No matter the hour Theres always Black Power!
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