Don't Judge the Color of My Skin


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Don't Judge the Color of My Skin 

Don't judge me for the color of my skin. 
But from the substance I have within.
My intellect I possess.
And the strength I compose.
The root of my spiritual fruit.
And the knowledge I obtain 
The wisdom I gain. 
And the words I use.
My balance views.
The confusion I defuse.
My peaceful depth of soul. 
That I keep under control. 
The integrity I display.
And my humble ways.
My image I project.
With self respect.
The complete work I do.
And how I see things through.
For there are several elements still I hold.
Even the hidden qualities I have yet unfold.
So don't just judge the color of my skin from what 
you see. 
You do not know me. 


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