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  I’m trapped I’m caged  I’m in a daze   All these days go by slowly I feel so lowly  I’m waitin’ for that release
You're lying in bed. Are you in bed or are you lying? I cant figure it out. I'm tired of trying
yo i'm broke  'cause i'm lovin' these hoes give your heart just so they can shoot it down from a microscrope backstabbin' disruptin' hoes putchu on the low now you sittin' here all alone
You used to be my comforter, Now you are my tormentor.   You used to be my guardian, Now you are my warden.   You used to be my protector, Now all you do is hover.  
Love has infinite Definitions I shouldn't have to wait for your Permission to love or Be Loved,   I'll be out of your hair soon, you won't have to care soon,  
I used to think that I was invincible Until the day I lost all of my principles I always thought that my dad was my hero Until the day I saw him hit ground zero My dad broke me until I hit the ground
In the little time we have shared you have yet to cross me, but if I say "yes" my tears are at risk.   That may not seem fair to you but it doesn't have to be because I am fragile
Isn't it strange how we can have so many friends, yet feel so alone? Isn't it strange how someone we know can become someone we knew?
The hollow persists in the space you've wrapped aroundBut the inner circle containsEmptiness, loneliness, painLike the drip, drip, dripThe flow from my brainIt never turns off, never goes, never slows
I just want to share this, with you I just want you to get excited, with me But every time I bring it up Skepticism, written all over your face Distrust, for unknown reasons.  
Leave me now And come no more. Many like you Have come before. They smile sweetly While telling lies, The devil hides Behind your beautiful eyes. You are not the first Who has tried. Many times now, I have cried.
Habits can be good or bad They can make your moods range from happy to sad
Well I'm lost. Even with all the love I did find, doubts sometimes arise in my mind. Well I'm lost. Wondering if you can help me find
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