awareness of sex and its impact

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  i found            letters i wrote                   after i returned home with my body smelling of lubricant and latex i wasn’t stupid enough
FUCK ITThe time has come to scream and runaway from youI smell poison on your tongue.Whisper me sweet things in my eartell me your deepest fearsI wished for moreand now I want to disappearthe racing thoughts in my mind have become clear.No more tr
"Wow, that's pretty brave. Chancing on your mom walking in On you shoving a dildo Into your girlfriend."   The alarm screaming, burning eyes After not once allowing my brain to dip into sleep
Pounding Hearts. Quickening breaths. Two souls meeting at a crossroads One pulls away, attempting to flee The other rushes towards, grasping the victim into his embrace Dreams of this love never soared through her mind.
You let him lay in you. Indulging in his existence. Taking him in.. inch by inch, Hoping to get addicted. Letting him paint all over you, while you lay there like you were his canvas.
She still remembers him. The only man to know her touch She gave him all she had to offer but he didn't leave her much more than some memories. The only ones she'll ever know.
It’s getting claustrophobic Between these four walls That try to kill me every day Because I won’t give in It never works, but I get paranoid Because everyone is watching Every single move I make
i want you to love me kiss me hold me i want you to know me make me feel alive and not only by breathing in and out of my nose and mouth i want you to know me when i am gonna cry
stop making poor choices don't allow the little head to tell the big head what to do these days, females are not what we call our boo it gets hot and heavy like being bury under a rock during the summer
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