actually inspired by a real life event

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My mind is messed up off of whateverI just can't keep it together I am going crazy and I can't find the wordsAre those stars? A place or some birds
I am not on fire but it feels as soThe burning sensation all over has to goThis evil that is inside is rotting my brain I am talking to myself and I am going insaneI cannot find an opening for a way out
She sits there, not in a castle or hidden chamber... She sits in the real world Not like the one in the rabbit hole, where everything is swirled  As she awaits for what is to come
It felt like we were stepping out of a coming-of-age fantasy An assault on my senses, the sensation was too much to bear. We walked into the cracked pavement that was washed under the sun
Life is such a beautiful thing that is meant to be lived; but it does get complicated every now and then. That does not mean you should let it bring you down, Instead, pick yourself up and get your crown.
I close my eyes to see a pain that's rooted in my psyche a pain that's like a vine choking out a tree.  Why, I ask, won't this pain leave me. Why, I scream, did he do this to me.  
I am seventeen What does being seventeen mean I am not a little bean  For I am seventeen Without a care in the world I am now seventeen With responsbility, with keen I am seventeen
The Great Un-Expectation  I am what I am.
To be real I'm hurt. I'm hurt that I feel like it's so hard for people to be real. I'm hurt that when I approach people in an effort to be real They seem to be offended by it and stuck in their shell.
I have daddy problem I wake up fatherless like  Every other African American Child out there. Most kids  know where there father is.
A smile from an unexpected stranger A generous tip to a hardworking waiter   A plate of food offered to those not fed
Half-mad with cold and hungerthe rattling of his cup a gunshot in her ears.She averts her eyes,unable to stare.
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