The Great Un-Expectation

The Great Un-Expectation 

I am what I am.

I am the product of love and sadness, more sadness as time progresses.
I am the ever present ghost of a smile, always there waiting to become brilliant.
I am the outgoing little kid, always something to say. Deep inside I’m frightened, that fear won’t go away.
I am the silent cry in the middle of the night, so scared for a mother,
hoping she can fight.
I am the sweet young girl that almost everyone likes.
I am the pride of a victim, when they stand up for themselves.
I am not what one expects my race to be.
I am the power of my ancestors, not the shame. I am the law-abiding citizen that doesn’t like rap music.
I am one ant in an army of many-- uniform, but not the same.

I am the blood pumping through a heart, gushing with emotions.
I am the unheard song, a melody that could inspire many.
I am the sensation of a homerun, the sweet taste of victory.

I am the every night cram for a test. I am the flip of a flashcard, all memory, all speed.
I am the scribble of a pencil, every stroke a new understanding.
I am a bubbly artist with a heart for science. I am hesitation when asking for help;
I am the time taken to perform and do well.
I am a pent up idea that is held in a mind, clawing out and gnawing, desperate for the world to find me.

I am the posterchild for equality.
I love what I do, but don’t always do what I love.
I am a passionate procrastinator. I am the anti-social pessimist that only wants the best for the world.

I am love’s greatest advocate.

I am the intelligence of a species, the mark they’ve made on history.
The pain, loss, happiness and misery.
I am the embrace of change, so desperately needed. I am the dawn of a new age
but don’t mind history repeated.

I am what I am.  

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