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This is the truth And I know I'm going to hurt you Can we just spend another day here No I'm not going anywhere I keep thinking If I just keep writing I'll find poetry I've been waiting
Not knowing what i was going to see I found my self in a place where i wanted to be
i'm sitting in econ enjoying the lesson when my mind floats away.
Stupid stupid, they all said as I read, as I speak as I try, as I cry as I see, they can all do it but me. They're your age, they all said as I sigh, as I try as I look, at that book
We are day-to-day here, surviving off                coffee and energy drinks and herbal teas passed like drugs beneath the lunch table.                  Like cigarettes
Long hours at the lab Titrations and creations In my very own world
We were friends back, years ago Back When She was a awkward nerd and my hair was nappy. Now We're all grown up, reunited, And All I want is to make her happy.
Miss Doctor Professor Mrs. Teacher Mister, Can I show you how much your class means to me 20 years from now? Let me get up and walk out the door Because every second that hangs himself, by his big red hand,
Roses are dumb Violets are fake Chemistry doth no f*cking sense make
"Here I am", said the teacher. "Here I am", said the vocalist. "Here I am", said the piano. "Here I am", said the books. "Here I am", said the desire. "Here I am", said the practice rooms. "Here I am", said the history.
Filling the mold, being the faithful daughter, Doing as I am told, it is not a bother. Always honest when inquired, presentation is the key, Ask, and you will know, just who I am to be.
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