They All Said


West Alexandria Ohio
13 Marty Ln
United States
39° 44' 35.6604" N, 84° 32' 24.4464" W

Stupid stupid, they all said

as I read, as I speak

as I try, as I cry

as I see, they can all do it but me.

They're your age, they all said

as I sigh, as I try

as I look, at that book

as I see, they're all normal,

unlike me.

You can’t do it, they all said

as I saw, they're all lies

as I learned, I'm not alone

as I learned, how to read.

She’ll never finish, they all said

as I read, all the books

as I don, the silly hat

as I take, my diploma

I’m dyslexic, I told them

As I became, an English major.


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