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5 months, trading kisses in my car Your hands tracing hearts around my arms Our lives, we knew would never be the same But why’d you have to go and change Hey 4 weeks, that’s all it took for me to fall
Shine like a diamond when the world calls you coal   Ignite like a flame, even in winters so cold   Fly like a dove when storms are approaching.   Stand tall like a tree, when no one is watching
I don’t need youI don’tIt took me 8 long monthsBut it’s trueI don’t need your smile or your laughI don’t need your hand tangled in mine
whispering Secrets are Second only to staying quiet. Muffled screams from a Muzzle with my prints. the door was Closed behind me
i don't like the alchohol  it messes with my head  instead i'll chat with demons that reside under my bed  the demons know my pain because they cause it every day 
Don’t Find the Time to Hide To Hide From Life From Your Responsibilities, Your Wants Dreams   Don’t Find Time To Stop
The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hate yourself The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hurt yourself
Breaking me was the easy part. Putting me back together as if it didn't hurt me was the hard part.  The part you thought would take to much time & effort. The part that you skipped.
Please don't hate me for something I didn't do Please don't hate me for the people I'm related to Please don't hate me for the color of my skin I don't hate you Do you not hate me too?
"My destiny calls  I fight the urge to fall  As if death could be worse I wish to break this curse But as I look around I hear a strange new sound Laughter in the depths Allowing me to rest."
I've said too much now   words I did not mean to say   angry words to just drive you away.      and yet I always come back.   I don't like this whole "confiding" thing 
Hey, my name is T-Rek Ya I ain't a reject, it's all about respect Arab, don't hate, reflect   
She stands outside; the sun's to her back; Her shadow keeps her from being alone. It's an autumn day, the sky is blue, It dawns on her how time has flown.   
He said, 'I pity that old woman, ' but ran away when she asked for help.
  As you bully her,
teacher sits at desk doesn't notice Jim crying why don't you notice  
Amidst all the try-hards and give-ups, Stand the happy middle of the two Who hasn't crashed and burned yet And who still hasn't made it through Who's looking inside that tight circle?
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