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"HEART OF A MAN" Even though rock cracks. And the heart of ordinary man easily cut, but an extraordinary man's mind hardly perverse. My heart is fixed #c9_fm
Perhaps one more before I go. This one is dedicated to the men, a man’s height beneath the floor.   Sitting in chairs, until the room starts spinning.
Life is wonderful Life is full of love Life is full of happiness Life was not all ashes Life was never easy But it is full of love New events happen everyday The days are going pass quite quick
Me: "Was it easy?" Him: "Was what easy?" Me: "How one day you considered me your everything and the next day you decided this love was nothing. That we were nothing. That I was nothing."
I know that I just met you, but I also know that what I feel is true. All of the traits I hate is what you have, but funny how this heart told me it's love.   It's been only a month since we started talking,
You make it easy to fall, In love that is.   Not really my style, To fall that is.   I like to drift, And wade through my happiness, And sing light songs of those happy days,
the hardest days are those i expect to be the easiest. 
What should America be? A country fo you? Or for me? Most would say "The greatest nation in the world" That's an easy answer, for a not-so-easy girl But why? What makes us great? Our money? Or lucky fates?
In... Out... From ragged and quick  To slow and steady  Breathing The first breath I hear in the morning is his and hearing that deep, content sound make facing my fears
I look up at the sky at night and some times there are stars Did you know they actually twinkle? Like bright eyes winking down sharing in our lives I look up at the sky at night and some times there are stars
I wonder when it will be easier to place the letters together. To form the letters into words, and the words into sentences,
It had to be an Easy button  
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
"Play the game" they say. "Just play the game." The only way to get ahead in life is to play the game. The rules are simple they say; bow, kneel, bend, but dont break. Kiss ass, tell people what they want to hear.
Smile no one will ever know.
Vroom Vroom No not room room Vroom Vroom It's music to a grease monkeys ears vroom vroom The best part is that you make up the rest vroom vroom  that can be anything  vroom vroom
Its easy to laugh But harder to cry Its easy to live But harder to die Its easy to love But harder to hate
  "It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion" It is easy to be anything other than exactly what I am It is easy in my life to procrastinate change
Writing a poem is easy I say I’ll do this right now to pass time away But suddenly I feel my brain start to daze Before I know it my eyes are glazed This could easily be a piece of cake
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