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I am Earth; I am a life form that can live forever. My formation is a spectacle to behold. I am the most beautiful planet in the constellation. From my soil, humans were taken.
You do not have to call a thing by the name that someone gives it. Any person, even a child, can give a natural thing a name. Nobody has higher authority than others do when it comes to naming things.
I came back from the future to tell you the things that happened to the world You will not believe me, but your future is my past and this is my history:
A PLACE We lived in a society where false is welcomed. And Where people flee from the real.
Has anybody ever seen a design that does not have a designer? A design cannot come into existence by chance. If you have any information about this, please let me know. .
Laws without fairness and justice are not really laws. The so-called law is a system of dictatorship and oppression. .
God will only find you in death, Your life won't matter to him. The help that you expect Is shortcoming with every breath.   I had a dream nothing mattered, Time just plays with us
Home, Farewell, amongst the inevitable rubble As the nights fall does the ground darken Home, Farewell, amongst the oil black ground accompanied by the sound of a muffled radio
the shade of our skin, the color of our eyes, the shape of our noses, the way our hair falls, things we don’t decide yet they seem to be  deciding factors in how we see eachother,
As I stare into the mirror, I see a reflection, but the face that stares back at me is not my own, it’s the face of mankind looking straight through my soul. His eyes have seen many deaths, and witnessed many tragedies.
To keep ourselves from going mad, we tell ourselves little lies. "He didn't mean it in that way, it was an accident, it's my fault, he didn't know what he was doing".
We're spreading the odors Name calling like ogers  World full of freeloaders  Bloaters  Sugar coaters  Quickly speeding others gears  Like motors  She's a true devoter  Motivater 
I sit and ponder to the melody of muse, Doth time control all, or am I misguided? For if any soul be more than a mindless misuse, and while passion’s crucial catalyst remains undecided,
Silent bliss and noisy joy, there's no method to the madness. A question with no complete answer.
He is the painting amongst sculptures,
A tree standing as a soldier on the front lines dives into a burning ocean  of glorious flickers and flames: A tree that does not make a sound, because nothing is there to hear it splash. 
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
For the hatred of mankind
Love is infiniteBound by nothingCreated by manDemolished by noneLove is finiteBound by the consciousCreated by the heartDestroyed by betrayal
We are always thinking. We get lost in our mind. Always wondering about our future.
The pitfalls of man, though shallow, stay d
A man walked into a room (yes, it starts like a bad joke) and showed me a thousand pictures.
I beieve in the strength of mankind the unity we create the power only one person can have
The earth would whisper, tranquil melodies of peace-- when man was once myth.
A dream. Something I came up with. It came from my imagination. A fantasy.   Can it be real? Something I can touch. It came from the earth. A reality.   A lie.
Mankind had lost its heart Ideas and pride split them apart Brothers and Sisters had lost their connections As they blindly stride to two different directions The siblings assault each other's mind
You might as well fuck For virginity, if you war On account of peace. Life is full of irony. Fraught from the plurality of man Uniformity mistaken for marching to your own beat.
We are imperceptibly bound by the common chords of our humanity; colored threads weaving a rich tapestry of shared experience. Our similitude outshines our differences;
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