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Something terrible has happened and I would rather have contracted rabies.My wife and I haven't made love for over two years amd we have twin babies.When I learned that she cheated on me, it was hard to believe.
  Some find it hard choosing between heart and head, even when the perpetrators don’t deserve
Europa, Io, and Semele  Three took part in a marriage disassembly.  Zeus played his wife like a chess piece.  He visited clubs, went downtown, and attended rancid parties.
absinthe kiss love drunk and it's green like we're both green clean lovers watching from the windows both lost and dizzy but so very much in jealous love ripe love new love
Your tainted fingertips I remember the feeling of being wrapped in recycled hands And being kissed by used lips
You're bangin on your mistress While your lady's doin dishes Say your life's good It's a shame because it isn't. Change has to be your mission Just maybe you can fix it But your relationship is breaking
They all know the truth about him, They see behind all of the lies he tells But her heart is so pure She is naive, she is in love. No one can change her mind, She loves in the dark.
it’s 12:34 and i guess i’m just a sack of skin caffeine replacing my endorphins my happiness is busy she’s gone, running out my nose and streaming out of my eyes and
it is said from the bible do not commit adultery if you look at another woman lustfully overstep boundaries and cheat on your love one recklessly you committed adultery with intention of having other in your heart
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