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I wish there was a collection of words I could say to you. A phrase to stop the clock from ticking in the dark. To bring back the lights if just for a moment. Cast away the darkness so that I may see your face, one more time.
IPA’s and a stolen gaze make me drunk and insecure Never forget, I told you from the onset that we were meant for more than this   I promised you, I would take you to every place that you belonged.  
i wish i didn’t have a last name; i don’t belong- anywhere.   my original last name lost its beauty from the very first day i was hit, lost its identity.   i became nameless.   
Dear Mr. Anonymous, What is life like being a mystery?   Is it lonely, and empty, Or is it full of soul?     Do ever become tired or bored
it didn't have a name. it didn't have a name but it was certainly, definitely, there. there is where it was and it was wordlessly, soundlessly, existent.
Cursed lips that say my name That first kiss I'd hate to claim Evil disguised as a beautiful girl My heart was blinded from another world To say my name you have to know it first
I wasn’t going to be Like the girls you had confessed to me Dense with immorality.                      I didn’t want our relationship to be Like a floating bubble Rocky and unknowing
The corner of the Patio at a family-friends party, [insert city here], New Jerseyage group: 17-21population: me
We drove through the evening blueness at a rapid pace, streetlights and buildings blurring to join the smear of stars. The moon was a sliver, the smirk of a watchful stranger given to those who glance uneasily his way.
you don't have to tell me i'm not the prettiest i already know but i don't have to be you don't have to remind me i'm forgettable i already know but it don't have to be you can tell me i'm worthless
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