I wasn’t going to be

Like the girls you had confessed to me

Dense with immorality.                     

I didn’t want our relationship to be

Like a floating bubble

Rocky and unknowing

Before finally exploding

At the surface of reality.

I wasn’t going to be


Playing like I was somehow less

Than a glance,

Or be shaken unstable

Like a fickle promise.

So I waited.

I had saved that kiss for years,


At the mere dream

Of letting it go at last    

To your atmosphere.

I swear I’d never been so close   

To such a man,

And the toxic dosage    

Of your very being


To extract the most

Of my very being.

In that moment,

With mouths itching for each other,

Warm breath began to hover

And we were suddenly



I kissed you,

God, I finally kissed you

And promised myself this:

I would either be the one,

Or the one that got away.

For it was that day,

That I refused to be




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