the girl that changed the world

you don't have to tell me i'm not the prettiest
i already know
but i don't have to be
you don't have to remind me i'm forgettable
i already know
but it don't have to be
you can tell me i'm worthless
and i may not know why i'm here
but i am here for a reason
i know i'm not the strongest
but i don't need to be
i'm brave in my own way
i'll make a difference someday
and i know the world has heard these words
time and time again
and there has been people changing the world forever
but you can add my name to that list
you can call me names and laugh
i know i'm not extraordinary
and you don't have to even know my name
but i'll make a difference someday in my own little way
you'll probably forget everything I've said
but do remember one thing
i may only be a nobody for today
maybe tomorrow
and for awhile
but someday i'll change someones life
that will change the world
and ill just be that nameless girl that changed the world

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