beauty and respect

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We put makeup on, and pride ourselves on being perfect, but on the inside we are all broken. We are imperfect beings; shattered mortals. What man can judge lest he be judged himself? Not one of us is perfect.
Freedom is not a word, Is is not an emotional state. It is a beautiful bird that cannot be caged. There are many that will try to take it away. They will burn it, humiliate it--and they'll even make it cry.
We've never been equal, you and me. At least thats what the world sees, this tall, long legged feminine beauty. Damn near perfection to any man's human eye, But what I am like where there's no more light?
I see with sounds Words a MIXTURE Of thought and outside stimuli I write to bring peace to my mind Link the emotion In my music with word in my mind Rooted in pain Of youth
I saw her mom tell her, “But you are beautiful without the makeup”.The kid didn’t believe her.She got the makeup from her mom’s bag.
I am woman.  I'm not proclaiming it
Red rose:Simple and yet majesticRestricted inside her gardenHer mother made sure she's protectedBeautiful yet deceptiveEntice you with her visualsThen prick you when you neglect
Deep and rich,Smooth and clear,A masterpiece painted for the ears,A sweet perfume to the listener.A silvery song,A tenor or base,The loud radio announcer,Or the soft-spoken artist.
A girl is someone who  respects her ambitions  And works towards it A girl is someone who does what she is suppose to do A girl is someone who is responsible And does things according to how it should be done
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