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Every weekday is agony. Dread the time it takes to learn. Beg the clock to tick faster. Get on your knees and pray to a being that you’ll soon forsake.  
Thank you, little girl. For hiding your shaking hands and nervous breaths And faking a façade of Smooth stability. For smiling during the storms
three years old -- mumma tells me "dont disrespect a book else it will not teach you all that it knows" i listen to her and see the book in new light i see the inanimate object as an equal  
Books put together a powerful message You can find words that make you sound impressive For me, a book would make my mood happy, or depressing The book would speak to me in a conveying way
I remember telling myself that I lost. I quit eating. I quit caring. I left college December 7,2015.  I told myself that I would go back soon.
A crowd of wandering people Small talk and small smiles Surrounded by others with no intention of paying attention This is not for me   A coffee shop with quiet music Dark roast, creamer, sugar
Step by step growing distance from self-identity Blood of the hope and honest gets consumed by infamy Being oneself subatians the pain from ridicule, being marked as insane Or different, can't live by appeasing dopes
Words found me lost, And at once brought me home, So pain would not accost Me at any place that I roam. For an outlet I searched, To take the pain away, But the power 'nside me sat perched,
well i'm poetic by nature a bard of sorts words play at my heartstrings produceing chords   i find serenity in solitude solace in society happiness in meaning meaningfulness in piety
    ...Listen    It is when immersed in a moment of silence    that all the universe breaks forth in song    and I a recipient    simply sit in awe    of the wondrous symphonic orchestrations
    Gathered together from greatest to poorest    thickets and meadows, a lush mighty forest.    Peace and great solace amidst the strong trees    broad leaf and fine needle they sway in the breeze.
In the sunlight of the day The sunbeams beat around. I find a place where I can stay In the sunlight of the day. I sit with hair split and frayed And I am not found. In the sunlight of the day, 
The sound shut out from a crowded room Hearing one note after another, clear and smooth Calm, Serene Only when that noise enters From the crowds of people Laughter, Chatter Do I feel completely alone
A word to my loved ones Who still walk this earth: Do not cry for me For this body is only a shell Rather, laugh with me in the breeze Smile with me in the sunshine Drift with me on the tide
Many a day passed.. I waited. He lay there.. Wasting away. Neither him nor I could fix this.   Fatefully death had Finally taken his hand And had greeted me like so many times before.
I write to empower; I write to impress I write for myself, it's my way to express Emotions and feelings, they pour out in words Like waves crashing down, I want to be heard These words are like music, fluid and loud
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