BIO107 - First EXAM.

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 20:56 -- ralphdc

I have been getting perfects score on my quizzes

but when my exam came back, I almost had a heart attack.

In my mind I had written a letter on the matching portion

but to my dismay I have left blank three questions!

This is not going so well, I thought.

My A-Game I should have brought.

This is my first exam for the class and I did not know how Professor Guenther will

test us

I will study even harder and more excessive next time so that my test would not become

a bust.

I will study so much, read my books, my lecture notes and watch all videos just to

somehow make it all make sense.

After next exam I better get an A plus because my pride and ego cannot handle

a seventy-nine percent.


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