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I've never been in love and I don't want to start now. And in honest when the thought crossed my mind I thought of you. Yet you thought of her, and I could never keep up with someone like her. 
Pondering in coffe shops and Waiting On rainy days When the kisses And clouds Are equally as mesmerizing With coffee misleading a stray tense hand On an awkward flannel shirt
I don't want a relationship where it's perfect I want a relationship that's worth it With special moments and little lumps I want something that gives me goosebumps I need a love, not plastic, but real
I could write books about your eyes and the way you laugh. I could paint pictures (if I was artistic enough) of your smile and your smooth skin. I could give a lecture on the way you looked at me and held me like fine china,
I'm constantly thinking
I'm in class bored out of my mind,When sunddenly all I see is her,No longer in my chair confined,My surroundings turned into a blur,
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