Daydream Girl


I'm in class bored out of my mind,
When sunddenly all I see is her,
No longer in my chair confined,
My surroundings turned into a blur,

We were now far away somewhere,
It was a glistering, shiny beach,
My hand ran through her silk-like hair,
And her scent smelled like a fresh picked peach,

Hand in hand we began to walk,
Letting the sand in between our toes,
There was no need for us to talk,
For we just follow where our heart goes,

Being near her is amazing,
My body wanted to jump in glee,
Thought of kissing was hair-raising,
But I decided to take a knee,

From the pocket over my heart,
I pulled out the most beautiful ring,
Tear filled eyes that were work of art,
She stared at me, her would-be king,

The words were about to come out,
They were seconds away from freedom,
When suddenly I heard a shout,
It pulled me away from my kingdom,

I looked around, seeking my queen,
When my professor came in closer,
He shook his head and left the scene,
Letting me know that class was over.


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