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I'll make a castle out of you, Walls of bones and love and laughter, And I'll live forever after, And you won't even know,   As they sink you in the pit, As your lungs dry and turn black,
Picked thin from all the wait, all the hands that Got gnarled before they could reach out— Or, even worse, hurt somebody.   And Sydney’s wearing a dress with yellow flowers.
Cycle! Recycle, man! Do not throw away stuff. Used items can become new ones. Cycle!
Reuse! Reuse makes sense. It repurposes waste, Which includes both plastic and ink. Reuse!
Reduce! Reduce garbage. Less waste is lucrative. It lowers disposal spending. Reduce!
What we do, what we say, how we think, be aware, and repeat. Take the fruit from the low hanging tree, easy to take, easy to see, thank you to the low hanging tree, and repeat.
What do you call this? Oh I’m sorry it’s your room. Had me fooled I thought it was a dump. Have you ever thought of picking up your clothes? Your garbage? WOOOOE I know I know, I sound crazy right.
Reduce; Because, let's face it, we've gotten all too big. The Earth is huge  but we make a difference, we're making her sick.  Reuse; Because sometimes our trash isn't trash,
The stylus I grip in my palm is a stylist. I can create tears of joy, as I can create tears of pain. A grin, or a sharp smirk on another person's face.
I am the meadow, the tranquil meadow. I am the trees, the trees that gently swayed. I am the birds, the birds that sweetly chirped. I am the flowers, the flowers that bobbed and danced.
I don't care about recycling. I'm not going to say that We should all care for the environment. By saying that people will stop recycling within 50 years I'm right It's a lie when I say that
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