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Marriage, a life stage bondage to those not prepared a cage to who's forced into it
I find my mind will change itself. My body will decay. My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations turn to low vibrations and whither away. All of these material things that some hold dear to Heart...
I’m breathing But am I living? Do I wake up each morning ready for the unpredictable opportunities of the day? When a new door opens, do I step through?
I want to live in the jungles of your bones, Explore the facial structure that makes
. Let's GREEN
It seems sometimes, with this seperation of body from soul That we can all become blind, invisioning the staircase in the tunnel to our goal It seems sometimes, that we are all alone when we focus on ourselves
My form is fading. Yet Time persists and Substance lingers on the tongue of the tiger— withered by fire and water,
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