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i like the way you touch me when you run your fingertips across my back  down my spine  i like when you wrap your arms around me  pulling me closer even when closer isn't possible i like it when you're goofy
Love isn't supposed to bring pain Love isn't supposed to break one's heart Love is surreal and that is a fact When you are in love you either lose or gain.
I brag about my power I rebel for no reason I create dramas I show my false self
I've come to fear the hours of 7 to 9, as they bring with them gray and mournful moments. They bring longing and foggy loneliness from outside, most days.  
I feel beautiful todayI should take a selfieas soon as I get board the next vehicleit's not everyday that I get to feel thisno matter how many peoplesay it to meshe thought to herself  
It's the same thing everytime. A presentation is assigned.   Names starting with "A" are the worst. I know I will be called on first.   And sure enough, without a doubt,
Can you see Oh’ Can you see What are you looking at What do you see Can you see Oh’ Can you see What are you thinking What do you see Can you see Oh’ Can you see What’s happening right now What do you see Can you see Can you see What do you see Lo
Pay attention. I’ve got something to say Figured that this way, you’d listen People are dying. Mad Men with guns.
The magnitude of it is earth shattering; mind altering. There’s a war inside myself and both sides are losing. I feel the sharp pangs and prods of death and destruction every time I see you. Or her. Or them.
Unheard, Unseen Blind, naked and uncontrollable trembling. Drowning me, Suffocating me. Are you okay? Whats wrong? Why cant you say? You're a fake Just afraid. You're not pretty, 
Words roll and tumble through the air Big words, little words Words that glow and vibrate And words that are content to sit there Filling in the spaces
They fail to see what truly makes me. Use your heart and not your mind Use your ears, because not everything is right before your eyes
She feels like a ghost among the living With no destination or purpose, A mind so big deserves much more then Be simply unnoticed by many. One more step, and she falls on her feet
Attention- should I grab it or let it be?Should I let your soul wander free?I ponder on what would you say-Yeah!
More often than not, I find myself longing to be noticed. When I rise in the morning, One thing that is always on my mind... Is how can I dress today that will make everyone stare?  
You see, attention does not equal love, but my brain just can't seem to get that.   When I'm not what's in your mouth or hands or eyes, I rot.   I count up
I have a weakness, its unspeakable. My brain keeps pounding, breakable. The sounds of these voices, unreachable. The pain in my head, unbearable. Listen to me, pay attention. Look me in the eyes, dedication.
i see the way you look at her, like life your depended on it, like you would take your last breath if she was extinct, i see the way you look at her, And wish that i could be in her shoes,
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
 "More, more" they say, "More, more." These voices won't stop. This emptiness won't be filled enough. "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more."  More of what? More friends. More money.
Do we ever feel alone? yes. Do we ever feel forgotten? yes. Have we ever gotten help? no. Have your friends ever offered help? yes, but I think I don't need it.  
Hear me— From this abyss, From this vast emptiness, From my nothingness, Hear me— From balconies, from hillsides, from mountaintops, I shout to you, When the world has closed their eyes
The point of this is to be heard Among a crowd, one reads my word My story and struggle one must listen
I am sorry, I am a slut. I dream for what I do not have. I crave his touch if only for a second. For his attention to get off of you and on to me.
Taking pictures half naked Smoking and drinkin to try and forget your father left Breaking your mothers heart for getting suspended from school for being half baked
To be heard i
here in my mind another world i’ve created it’s so ugly yet it brings a smile to my face a tragedy to you but finally my heart is whole   someone noticed me someone wanted me
I think that you shouldn't expect us to know everything or pay attention all the time especially if you are going  to ramble about an irrelevent subject.   We should also have lessons of life
In class i dont pay attention because i daydream 24/7 and when the teacher calls on me i say something random and they say the answer was correct i guess that i am cursed with a short attention span and its only getting shorter as time goes on but
  She sat alone on a sidewalk almost as dirty as her, in a city almost as dangerous to watch the boys skate With their profanities and perverted jokes, she was hooked
Beneath the HemlockI am at easeMy heart calmAs my mind. Beneath the HemlockI am at peaceAs I sitIn the soft grass and shade.
There is a universe in me andThis is not a metaphorEach string, bound by a common insult
There is a dark place where nightmares slitherA place where sickness has no cureA place where the depths of hell shall riseA place where flames consume every ocean and river
He looks up and sees the moon. It looks beautiful tonight.
Was this what it was to bound and confined? The unassailable destiny so bestowed upon thyne?
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