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Dear straight religious people,
They say that love always wins, but sometimes I can't be sure. I want to believe the world can be a safe place for me,  but when I'm downtown for open mic, it's always: Check your skirt length.
You tell me you know the definition of sin. Your eyes water red with blood that is not yours to spill; the tears, having overcome the chasm of your flesh, leak onto Leviticus before you and seep
Meaning to my existence flees from me Must I decide from various notions When decisions are my own cup of tea Based on preference, not by promotions
someone asked me the other day when i told them i was gay if i could really truly prove it and i knew, that i could do it   i know from the way i describe the way her hips swing from side
It started with a book All good things start with a book   I read the story that changed my way of thinking   The way we are sheilded In this "accepting" society.
She asked another girl to homecoming …I’m jealous
Look where I am now You showed me how to love myself You gave me support  You were there when I told my mom the truth You broke my heart School is starting and i'm a mess
Nobody understood me before. Awkward. Child. Girl. Nobody understands me now. Awkward. Teen. Boy. Nobody will ever understand me. Awkward. Adult. Man. Some people think I am daring.
Life's a trip when you're queer, But the road needs re-paving,Not a dull moment here,society's ranting and raving."All fags go to hell!""OMG let's go shopping!"Oh my soul I would sell, 
My aunt works long days and nights Scouring pages of legalities To protect each human’s rights Because she couldn’t stand idle and watch fatalities Gained from hovering oppression and plight
the heel of your shoe beneath my chin it rests, smothering all joy within and choking the breath containing my sin, or so called, by the unrest who with lonely lungs
  It’s queer;  the way life destroys your expectations.  It’s inexplicable; 
To the man that I call my father,I know how you feel,I don't mean to put you out there,but some of us are in fear. Many more are like you,hopefully these words will help you hear,             normal people
(poems go here) Just end it already, The statement rings in my ears, As I sit here writing this letter to you, I want to do it, Why not end it now? I always think of it why not now?
Bullyied When I felt the first hit I cried When I heard the first word I sighed But what did you do? You just, just lied
You never got to know me. You would never even try. You told me that you would rather I just go home and die.
I do not wear the same skin as youbut our struggles, they are similar.You see, while you are outcastfor the way you look, the color of yourouter shell; I am turned away for whom I love.
We’re still friends, right? You ask, letting the death knell ring. Your body was my battlefield The curves of your waist drew me in, made me cling, Like a fly to rotting, raw, marbled meat, to a crumbling caricature
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