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Dressed like Saturn, Girdled by those cosmic belts She asks me, darling, What's your favorite planet?
Sitting on a couch, visualizing what goes around, Days moving at a fast pace, everything seems cold on this phase.
  Queen of colours flooded crimson the face of the sky And so declared it was evening then The village’s edge the cloak of leaves carelessly fallen
The wind blows past me And the sun sets in the sky The day has ended
Twilight snuck up on daylight Like a hunter to its prey Replacing light with shadows Painting the city in shades of grey
For the life of you, will you just go out in the sun? While you’re at it too, stop doing stupid stuff so your vampire boyfriend will have to come save you! He should have left the moment you sat down in Biology.
Sitting in a dusky room all by herself   The words repeatedly playing in her head “it will be as if I never existed” She curls up in a ball trying to pull herself together
Those who see the world
I can't feel a thing, sitting beneath another cold wind.Smoking an orgasmic note,Slips between your moan. Watching the night take another one.
Veils of gold pulled ‘cross the black of heaven, Weep warm summer rain cross meadows of green. Caustic memories wander and beckon,
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