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Dear guy in the UPS store I knew you would be the focus of my poem as soon as I saw the floor Clean shaven, nice hair it looks like you might actually care
Ink that you bare so proudly, That mirrors the writing of my mother, Of the Matthew verse she taught me. “So, don’t worry about tomorrow For tomorrow with have worries of its own.
Your toes, hand them over. Without toes I'm sober.   To see your little piggies dancing- It's all so entrancing.   If the socks come off, I'll never be far off.  
the grass tangles around my toes causing a chill down my spine the soft chill of the earth brushing against the bottom of my soles, reminding me of the cold ocean that lives in your eyes 
Oh it is my feet My feet who take me places Oh how far I'll go Traveling on my feet
My bare feet felt frigid, as they squished the wet ground. The dark emerald grass was damp and powerless against me. The blades of grass bent and plummeted
I can feel my heart beat To the sound of the ground beneath my feet   I see what could be mine, A prize above all others. I push myself to do my best I must go on,   Or else my dream
My feet take me wherever I go, my feet take me far. I have Deep Deep pains, large bruises, and scars. So wherever I go, I know my feet will take me, Job of dreams, smiles and glee.
These delicate lumps of of tendons, muscle, bone Carry on for mile, miles all alone. As their master's eyes close To escape from it's woes, These small little toes will keep fluttering along.  
Beaten is the pathBeneath the wandering feetOf those all lost in wayWho find themselves at peace  
I want to be barefoot. I want to leave my shoes behind. I want to feel the gravel, touch the squish in the tar, feel the temperature amplified on concrete
When I first danced I was an elephant Heavy and stomping and swaying my heavy tusks, The Duck would tell me "No No No! Don't stomp step lightly" and so thus I became a gorilla.
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