Open for anything

Dear guy in the UPS store

I knew you would be the focus of my poem as soon as I saw the floor

Clean shaven, nice hair

it looks like you might actually care

Your fresh shirt could've been just pressed

Your straight pants certainly left me impressed

And then my eyes graze the floor and what do I see

Translucent toes glaring back at me


Dressed all in dress clothes

How come you couldn't conceal your toes?

It's 35 degrees out, your feet must have froze

Looking down at the floor “boi what are those”


You standing there with your chronic soft smile, gently waving at me like we could ever have something in common

your eyes seem warm and inviting but all mine see are your toes jumping off the edge devouring the carpet in front of them


Was this just the day you couldn't cover your feet

Was this just a morning routine you couldn't repeat

Was this just another expectation you couldn't meet


This was the day you had to decide

To go against the rules you normally abide

You thought you toes could no longer hide

So you freed them from the prison in which they usually reside


The way you dressed you body

Seems to be an embody

of my overly busy body


You started off strong with combed hair and a constructed outfit

But by the time you got to your ankles it was just a finish line you couldn't cross


You were tired of the ties that dress codes tie you down with

Like a cobbler constructs a shoe

Our social constructs tried and failed to constrict you


Maybe I over analyze you a little bit much

maybe today was your day that you just ran out of luck

Maybe you simply looked at your feet and said “Oh what the... Heck”


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This gave me a great laugh, thank you! Yes, UPS GUY.

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