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Its been 5 months since I walked out that door. Sobbing my eyes out and screaming on the floor. Wishing you’d come back and un-break my fragile heart.
I have no one No one has me I am all alone Stuck in a tree The leaves are changing The birds are singing In comes new weather That fall is bringing I have no one No one has me
Bring me the sunset in a cup so I can drink it in. So it can saturate my darkened body with warmth.  So beauty can fight the ugly in me.
Bird, Alien? Conspiracy, UFO? Human?! How long have humans been up there? Just over a hundred years and its how safe? The safest, you say? I want to do that.    
As the taste of wine leaves our lips and we put our glasses down, I pound you with a question like “what should we do now?” You retaliate with “what do you want in life?”
Vroom Vroom No not room room Vroom Vroom It's music to a grease monkeys ears vroom vroom The best part is that you make up the rest vroom vroom  that can be anything  vroom vroom
Moments like this  I think of our first kiss With arms outstretched And dreams not met My first impression was based on looks  But what's that thing they say about books?  Under covers I hide
The first wound slice an peel back skinning. Peel away the  skin from the flesh. The sickly sweet  and putrid oder fills the room. It intoxicates me. only makes me work harder
The sun casts its blinding rays onto the snow-covered ground to create a glittering reflection that has always reminded me of broken mirror shards.
starlit. shining, reflected pains. calm as river. size your face. staggering on beams of steel. exhaling charms of colored blue. booked up spine. c shaped back. crack. crack.
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