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A Prison Without Walls

The iridescence of essence caresses me in a sense of a blessing. Although I am confessing my expressions through depression transgressions, I have yet to learn to stop addressing the negativity and focus on the things that make me happy.

Life is a gift.

Are you handling your present delicately? Because presently time is pouring out of its glass and in that same hour you'll become that dust. Rust, copper, steel, and tin. You seem just like Eve one bite and never are the same again. When something ends another thing begins. So you sin.. right? And it's past 10pm but you didn't intend to do that intentionally. Or is it just me or were you attempt to do it temporarily?

Do not waste your time with all of your stupidity. They put me in a box and I feel like they're already mis-handling me. Being stood under and over while they are misunderstanding me. Trying to fit a misfit into a counterfeiting society. It's like a prison without walls but they are just too dead to see anything. Spiritually speaking. what you're doing in a secret is not a secret to me. Just let go of the things that weren't meant to be. It's holding onto you while you strive to keep on fighting. The cold shackles wrapped around your feet there's no hiding. Famished, eating bits by bits it still feels like you're dying.

If you hold hands with death you are immediately taken away from your miseries there's no lying. But you know what? Maybe there is. When you find yourself in the same predicament that you were in. You should know the simple equation, it ought to keep you awake that experience minus learning equals mistakes. For goodness sakes, that ache you feel you couldn't even fake. That poor heart of yours breaks because you couldn't even take the negativity that this repugnant world makes. And when you cry your tears are like lakes. Over streamed waters along the sides of the river banks. And when you get mad your attitude is like a tank. Blowing up everything that is in its way. I mean at the end of the day we are still just human. Just recognize everything you say and what you are doing. Let alone the fact that somebody is watching your every movement. Answer the call because today is your moment.

Duck duck goose now the cuffs are loose. The decisions you make is the life that you choose. Just because you were introduced to certain news which confused you to think that it will prove their truth, well, welcome to a world of seduce. You thought it could improve you but matter of fact it removed slash reduce the wisdom that you could have put into use.

So tell me who really did lose?


LibertyThePoet 2015


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