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TELL TH'M Tell them all to spread love. For the best lover, giver isn't that who proffers out of surpluses, but those who gives from very little is. Be a love donor. #c9_fm
I didn’t say I-love-you the right way before, So I’ll take this chance to tell you again Sherie, I have a phenomenal love for you Honestly, I don’t know a better way to say it I think about loving you day and night
Miss!! can I buy you a drink? I might a little bit sound like I flirt, but my wish is just to ask you, if I can buy you a drink.    
Why do you ignore me When I know that in your heart we both believe in love? Why do you forget That our souls of steel have more hope than anyone? Why do you hurt When you see this blood and rage?
You saw me when I didn't see myself. When I couldn't bare to look in the mirror, you held it up to my face depicting a reflection of me with you by my side and then I saw life. I saw light. I see now, that we are one.
It was a day like none before, My eyes laid site on you. Then I felt my love amore, Your eyes shined with it too.
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