The Offer


United States
41° 21' 7.7976" N, 71° 47' 52.1988" W

It was a day like none before,
My eyes laid site on you.
Then I felt my love amore,
Your eyes shined with it too.

There were no airports near by,
Yet my heart took off for you.
My head was in the sky,
And so was yours there with it too.

All day and night I dreamt and thought,
Wondering what to think.
Sitting there smile unbought,
Lost in love at your wink.

We intertwined talking along,
I wondered what to do.
Possibly burst into song,
To say the three words I have for you.

Your beauty is perplexing,
As I gaze in you’re eyes.
Our hearts forever connecting,
As our hands hold sides.

My love is unending,
A promise I will keep.
For the time we are spending,
Is an unending leap.

My angel; I love you,
I say tingling with glee,
And I ask this to you,
Will you marry me?


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