Can I Buy You A Drink by George Kyomushula

Miss!! can I buy you a drink? I might a little bit sound like I flirt, but my wish is just to ask you, if I can buy you a drink.



Can I buy you a drink? Seriously the minute I saw you,my eyes were murmuring, while my heart beats were running deep but a sharpen phrase that came out of my mouth, is to ask you if i can buy for you a drink.



Can I buy you a drink? That doesn’t mean you can’t buy one of your own, but it’s male previleged under a wing of a man who is gentle to ask a lady he liked if she can be bought by him a drink.



Can I buy you a drink ? Main aim is to have a minute with you out of a blind date by an excuse to be covered by us having a talk while having a drink.



Can I buy you a drink? Coffee or hot chocolate? You choose what you'd want to drink  in a poetry club, a bar,or inside ice cream parlour you say where you want to go out for a drink



Can I buy you a drink ? It also means you have been asked for a date, it might be in a haste but shall not seem as a chase since the content is well hidden on a phrase of buying you a drink.



Can I buy you a drink? Say yes !! So we could both have handshakes. Say yes !! So I could introduce myself next. Say yes !! so we could end have blessings at first place. Can I buy you a drink ?

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