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Malice, envy, and strife are destructive to everybody. We should be impartial and condemn all wars. Do not let anybody teach you to fight and kill one another. Fearlessly censure arrogant tyrants.
They say to be whole, you need to have faith.  To truly find God,you need to find grace. What they forget to share, in your crusade to pass,is that the road to heaven is paved.  With broken glass.
What do we do When war wages wild In our own homes Ten times over And the time to fight Grows ever near?   Do we wait Here in secrecy In the dark, dreary, cold And pathetically distant Land we call our own?   Or do we “begin To solve the problem”?
Come here, and lend your ear. For there is a word That you really must hear. If not, life would be unassured. So listen, please, I ask a favor.
We fight to win we fight to win We close our eyes We stop our ears We shout to shout Not to convince or tell a truth We fight to win we fight to win
A year in my life, Filled with struggles and strife. And no lyrical incantation, To properly exaplain my situation. So I'll say with a fife, There is boredom in my life.
I think it's officially my lifeI hear original narratives and think of all the people going through strifeIt's plaguing their lives and here I am writing about my #FirstWorldProblems
Look at my life All the struggle and strife I deal with on the daily Haters are spineless Like snakes, scaly My words never fail me King Liam, hail me grew up like a peasant
Sometimes long and thin Seen on the outside ad hidden within Other times long and wide Almost transparent to the naked eye   It casts a darkness that lingers But you can't touch it with your fingers
This is your life Free from strife From ever having a wife!
This is life Without pain or strife All you need is a loving wife!
Do not fear, young manJust swallow your pride
In the City of Trees, There's lies a building on a campus I manage this building and the crew which works it
The dams have been broken and the water wears me down. Swirling and spiraling, lost in the sound, I grab and grasp for a fortunate foothold. For the one I found, I am forever grateful.  
this place you call home, well it’s burning you down find a place for change, take a chance, invent hope you’re more than what you do and where you are you’re beautiful.
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