teen angst

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Acting like you caught up in the game You’re so vain It’s a shame, You can’t even maintain Your rep. has been stained You try to act deep but You still sound shallow Full of big talk but
You think you’re all that You’re as real as can be Have you changed your style Out of screaming envy? Have you had second thoughts Because of someone else’s opinion? I’d never change my mind
A mind like mine Is endangered Rare to find A mastermind Super analytical Superior Makes thoughts that seem mythical Tactician of life I carry out my dreams Had many life goals
I live with pain My life has changed The things that happened Cause me shame As day turns to night Night becomes day Born ready to fight My fears hidden in shade The world’s in darkness
I was a kid with composure Experienced a lot yet, Never saw full closure You see… My life was reversed Like a turnover By a curse I thought hell would burn over, Before I reached peace
Is it wrong that I hide, My true feelings and thoughts inside?   I've never been one to tell my life or the stories that are behind... the person that I am today  
Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore, We are neck deep in denialshouting from our lungs,We are starving head cases.We are two am phone calls to our mothersaying, Mom, I messed up.
Dear First Crush,   I dreamt about you once. I was there and of course you were there, and we live out our entire lives while I slept.   In reality, my dream came true
i am more than the scrawling words of a girl  resigned to rot in her head,  and i am more than the days that i can't find the strength  to get myself out of bed.
I am a girl trying to find her place in the world moving up going down like a roller coaster going round and round I get good grades but that doesn't mean I'm smart Im not creative
I am one who relieves stress solely by listening to music. I am one who gets frustrated at the smallest things.
Love is like not being mad that your dog woke you up from being hungover at 6 am Love is like what Sam had to get the guy to eat green eggs and ham, and a little bit of persistance
“hug time!”; me, Angie, and toby in a bed; messy closet; BOXES OF CHRISTMAS
When you grow up believing that nice is the way to go, you forget that emotions, and thoughts
I have stood strong against adversity I have been weak in the face of change I have sought out violence in rage I have talked my way away from fights I have stood tall despite fear
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