Love is Awesome

Love is like not being mad that your dog woke you up from being hungover at 6 am

Love is like what Sam had to get the guy to eat green eggs and ham, and a little bit of persistance

For instance love is what we were born with, forced into a world we had no clue about

We loved our parents enough to help us figure it out, and a little bit of trust, 

Love can be without lust but can lust be without? 

Love is falling into but falling out is something we try to live without

Love tries to be defined by a word but it's a feeling 

Love is what you think it is

Love is having faith in God

Love is not having faith in anything

Love is impossible to force but easy to learn

Love is second to happiness that all human yearn

Love is not that easy to come by

Love is easy to come by

Love is confusing

Love is indescribable

Love is Awesome

But what does it mean to be in love?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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