Life Is Pain

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 06:39 -- NodLoc


Metro-Detroit (2008)
United States

I live with pain

My life has changed

The things that happened

Cause me shame

As day turns to night

Night becomes day

Born ready to fight

My fears hidden in shade

The world’s in darkness

I try to bring light

I try to stay peaceful

Separate the bad from what’s right

No matter what I do

I feel an aching pain

I’ve lost too many things

My heart is strained

Family s’posed to hold things up but

They’re bringing me down

I get no support

I only get frowns

I leave home happy

I come back sad

A man bound like me

Would instantly go mad

The only time there is peace

Is when I’m alone

Locked behind a door

I grow colder every day

Time has changed my tone

But no matter what I do

I seem to mess up

Wish God would give me a clue

What should I do?

I lost it all

My world has turned

Just the thought

Makes my stomach churn

I struggle every day

I lost track, I lose focus

Somehow, Someway

I wish I could figure out

How to cure my life’s pain

I try to stay strong

I try to gain strength

It’s all wrong

It’s false confidence

Doomed from the start

Born unlucky

My heart ripped apart

There’s nothing of value

That could change my heart

I do everything wrong

A failure to most

Better if I were gone

It would be good for many

Because I am loved by few

Ridiculed daily

Tried to do my best

It’s never good enough

Never predicted a time

When my life wouldn’t be rough

Why is life so tough?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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