Science Fiction

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I was 15 when the bombs exploded in the sky.I didn’t know what to think at first.First, there was the mortal terror.Then the everlasting despair.  The whole world had gone to shit.
Ezekiel’s wheel turned ‘round and ‘round Fiery ball above the groundOut stepped a man to his surpriseSkin of bronze with fiery eyesHe uttered not a sound nor even a wordEzekiel understood and also heardInto the wheel spin and flyPenetrating the de
Books.   Guy Montag didn’t know that. Didn’t know that thousands would read. Read about him. He just ran.  
I race through the city, every turn sending a wave of adrenaline through my veins. 
Proudly presenting the first ever annual   Miss Moon Beauty Pageant! All the contestants are regular people and absolutely NO stereotypes may be observed. Lei is a scientist, polyglot, and mother of three.
Just one, I'm a few, No family too, Who am I? I don't know   I am a single mom I am a married mom  I am also a Scientist That will find a cure I am also a cop
If I could stay up for 30 hours straight, I'd like to float in outer space, Around the revolving Earth below, I'd watch the sunlight scatter into darkness, Along the racing photon beams,
Sitting gallumph in his hard
*/ /*-->*/ Oh how you scoffed at my theories As we walked along the hall
Sci-fi or life; I'm not sure. The line has become such a blur. It's not science fiction, It's just a prediction Of things that have yet to occur.
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