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I am a terrible texter A shitty snap-chatter A flop on Facebook And all around awful at any form of virtual communication I blame it on my depression sometimes
Maybe we lost our way, not recently that's evidentely, empathy is no longer  available in this piece of land like alchemy principles, to gain is to give.  
Today,  we are more connected  than we ever were before   But just because  reaching each other  is easier, doesn't mean    we understand each other better,
Some noblest of feelings, Some noblest of thoughts. And all such noble things, Came togeather to draft a Billet Doux. The message of love, So sweet and simple- I’m in love, In love with you.
Have anyone ever told you, Ce que tu représentes pour moi? It's a topic that might make you shiver, With either fear or light, Something that can warm you, Something that can freeze you,
Fuck you... One two on the mic let's start this flow in my crib there lies a vast domain some give props to the criminally insane sugar is sweet as sweet as honey
David, What happened to you You used to dream out loud Reach for the stars expand your horizons Yes life gets hard
Run Boy Run Run for joyRun for happinessRun to spreadcheerfulness around you. Run Boy Run Run for healthRun for pleasureRun to spreadfreshness around you. Run Boy Run
I wrote a letter, put it in a bottle
when i messaged you at 11:57 PM it felt nostalgic
Dear love of my life: I wrote this that night that you decided to let me hear those beautiful words again....I love you. And after all these years, your still here...Even though I come back, and again I dissappear.
I don't know how it happened How you dissapeared One minute here The next Gone You hit the person in front of you We all assumed you didn't do it We made up stories
We are creatures of information, And so, we are creatures of communication. I realize this. So I write my message, read over it, and fix a few typos. I roll it up and put it in a little bottle,
Here's a message to every girl across the world. Know that you are not a tool. Stop allowing men to deprive your soul with the pleasure of lust.
The Classifieds Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? Have you ever lost a brother, a father or even, a best friend? The emotions you feel I feel them too But why shall I
Poetry, is anything the truth? A lie isn't a lie and to die isn't to die. A thing is another. If someone stands for someone else does the second someone sit?  
Am I a role model? / A question I ask myself/ A past life of blunts and bottles/ New life, new thoughts, new self/ Pondering what goals in life are mine/ Is this me or someone else/
Tall hats live on the east Short hats live on the west They both play with figurines But who plays with them the best?   Tall hats believe in warfare short hats believe in house
At some point or another, we all will want to quit.Everbody's been there. Go ahead and admit.But at some point in time, we will see how good life can get.
Every time I sleep; pains on my brain’.Abolishing my heart n soul lord escort my vein.From the bounded clouds of this mournful pain.I can’t predict the weather nor the range of the rain.But hope for the station of this moving train.Thou death is s
An error message notified me of my low disk space My memory holds 799 videos 299 documents gigabytes of images terabytes of audio
We get a message greater than our lives We deliver a vision greater than our eyes  but that elivates and alleviates our minds.   Don't you understand  read the message and decipher for yourself
She squats in the sand pit molding mountains and valleys with her tiny hands, her fingers clumsily try to grasp the grains then in frustration let them fall, instead she looks to the mangled barbie doll with its coarse blond hair and sharpie-endur
An army I see standing before you Won't you let it be so we won't go blue Me alone in the field, head high and no shield for give me, but I won't bow down or kneel Lets open our eyes and see what we've done
When I feel for the disadvantaged I write, When there is chaos everywhere and I know the solution I write, When my brethren are brutally killed I write, To share the pain, to discover a solution,
Your people claim their free, but is empty of leaders with faith. None can draw a single sword from their diminutive pocket.
Hi you, Van this is. I love swimming, don’t you do. Also I love random stuff Like poem-ing while cooking Like screaming while tasting Cause it tastes so good Asian food, a healthy way.
Hey there. You with the tired eyes You are beautiful and I hope you realize They say the sky's the limit But the Milky Way's got your name on it It only gets better from here So don't fear
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