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I remember the first time you did it The first time you made me feel like my body was no longer my own I remember the first, second, and third time you made me bleed or when I would hold back tears so you wouldn't call me weak and then you would b
I've known you since the beginning of time, We were once so little and fragile. Now that we use to only make a dime,
Feeling silly as a goose
Cut the lock with a harlequins touch, Shiver yourself in the jellied streets, Dynamos screaming in their rainbow capes, You will never belong in this world of sweets.  
I hope to live to see my riches not a loved one from the past what does it feel like to be appreciated right here and right now Workin for the money Showing home empty handed What am I supposed to do
    Hopping hormones rage.   Don't be silly, wrap it up. But some do not care.     
Social destruction, conflicts arise Pathological behavior, responsible for demise Money spent on weapons of mass destruction  Lives are lost, a significant deduction 
A brush of his plumps makes thy drown in thought. Savoring sweets off thy flesh though aren't dame. Melting in cold hands one's soul does not rot. Embracing, peering at movement in frame.
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