Interracial Relationships

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People like me and you need to stick together I assure you the hate we get ain’t getting better Making a child is normal between a man and a woman
Dear Mom and Dad,  I'm falling in love with a black man. 
My light skinned skinny little fingers intertwined with his dark long fingers. Our hands rested on his long dark jeans.  His hand was warm and soft.  Sort of comforting.
A black woman
in the lonely republic, a little white girl puts pink and red ribbons on her dark skin barbie, the one she hides from her mother.
Amongst river mist and silt, bathes my beauty   She lingers there, in a pool of stars. Skin... deep ...dark Supple, slick with a glisten  
See, the one place I desire to be? Asleep. In your arms safe keep. I think, is it too much to ask of Him above To wake up still embraced by you? Love, I desire to know every inch of.
You came into my life 5 years ago your beauty so radiant like new fallen snow You were unlike any other, I always wondered what life would be like if we were together
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