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Rubbing my face so roughly, Hearing the flying fucks sharp so toughly, Have me scream at them,  FIGHT ME!! I cut my ear off for you, Even though those eyes spin out of control,
Darkness surrounds me. Imprisoning. Pulling. Strangling. My conscience just barely there. The images still around me. Floating.
She gets to the party around nine, or ten A familiar high school scene, getting high and drunk again Inevitably one of her friends' parents are out of town again
Cold air blows upon my pale face. Where am I? It's white its lonely What is this place? I rise to find im in a hospital bed. Braces on my arms cuts on my skin
You’re swaying and swerving Lurching, and slurring, And driving. Down old country roads, Through towns we don’t know, And you’re swerving. The radio’s blaring, and everyone sings.
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