high school senior

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Graduation day is coming here, And so now is your high school career. Always remember the friends you hold dear, And look toward your future with no fear.
Serenity Slave away for happiness Slave away from happiness Equanimity   How does one Judge, what is the reality, when all is opposed, so effectively?  
It's Senior Year "Finally!" is what most say But I know with senior year Comes more pain College applications Scholarships and Grants Don't forget the Essays written In MLA format
Four days until I know. My future My life My success Hopefully. Senioritis piercing my heart College filling my mind I want to know so badly   Yet I'm scared to look  
Who do you want to be? Half-truths, An uncomfortable smile, A fidget. Am I supposed to know?   What do you want to do now? The question I've always yearned to hear-to answer.
Influence was imminent. Inspiration was infinite. Fun, love, bonds, ties, cries. Games, hugs, secrets, thruth, lies. Support and morals drilled in my head. Look up to a roof, come home to a bed.
Do not fear! The end of high school is near You've survived high school parties  Without recieving jail time  AP testing Without too many breakdowns I hope Make good decesions and stay smart
Good times always come to an end High School memories fill my mind Counting down the days until I walk that path and turn that tassle Its been a road full of hassle Hard to grasp but its coming so close
Good to see you all again Glad to see everyone had a good spring break Oh, Me? I got lost in my head and made an impression in my bed But I'm happy for all of you that got away for the week
I am water. I wonder where the current will bring me, and I hear the rumbling rapids approaching. I see my course is uncertain, and I want it to flow like music. I am excited for the future.
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