I'm Sorry, My Dearest

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was one of my very first poems I ever wrote, please bear with me as it is not all that great.





She walks into the room

a rhinestone among diamonds.

She knows he's here,

she can feel his presence

suffocating her like a boa constrictor.


He sees her,

she sees him.

Her heart explodes in a sea of blue.

He could honestly care less.

She makes a feeble attempt to avoid him.

He approaches her.


"Hello, my dearest." he coos.

"Hello." she meekly replies.

"Won't you dance with me?" he asks,

charmingly extending his hand.

She reluctantly takes it

and he leads her to the center of the ballroom.


Together they dance

in perfect synchronicity.

He leads,

she follows,

just like before.

His charm overpowers her.

She falls for him yet again.


"Come with me." he whispers in her ear.

His voice sends chills down her spine.

She waltzes away with him,

more in love than she was before.


He escorts her to the courtyard.

They sit by the fountain.

He talks, 

she listens,

enthralled by him, 

yet he is indifferent to her.


Suddenly, he whisks her away

to a pond in the forest

near the mansion.

She thinks it's romantic,

he thinks it's perfect

for what he is about to do.


He slips an arm around her waist. 

She lets out a girlish giggle.

He leans in closer

as if to place a kiss

upon her rosy lips.

"I'm sorry, my dearest."


He pulls out a knife.

Terror surges through her body

like a lightning bolt.

She tries to run,

he catches her

and pins her to the ground.


"You were just to naive, my dearest,"

he chides her, plunging the knife

into the porcelain skin of her chest.

He cradles her limp body

in his arms

as he carries her towards the pond.


Weakly, she opens her eyes.

She looks up at the cruel lines

etched into his face.

She realizes that he can hurt her no more.


Sorrow escapes her soul

as her inner candle flickers out

and her corpse slowly descends

into the murky water below.


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