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The stars over our village no longer shine for you and me. And we don’t kiss in the light of the moon any more. .
It’s hard to remember but sometimes I think of my neighbor’s garage. It was silver and white. He gave me a pair of vintage suitcases that had travelled to Paris. They were blue. I went to the emergency room twice as a kid.
A Light dusting of snow  I know the snow can be frightening I see your eyes as the snow turns to ice I see the the frostbite crawl up your walls crawl up my hand   I don't care
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This place is like poison Killing me from the inside out And leaving what's dead to rot   The people force me to put up a facade To whitewash the tomb that I have become  
I swear i'll love this town, if only I can look at it from my cars rear view mirrior. This Town destroyed me. I would destroy myself , to become your idea of perfection. Yes, yes, yes
  Caught between one life and the next, the ground cracks beneath my feet, singing. Throw yourself, it croons, ageless volcanoes humming up through jagged earth. My heart breaks, tugging me forward,
This town is thin seams. This town that harbored me in youth, That I cannot live within, but would never soar without. Is Ciardelli neon.
The ocean is too big for me A grain of sand on the shore The battle of the waves is all I see Rolling, curling, and more
to write all the things that make me want to jump up  and twist and shout i would make a never ending list   you would be reading for days there would be repeats
  Racing around the bustling city people line the main road that runs for miles Dodgeing traffic As mothers and fathers repetitively drag their kids to school to go work long
Sea fog lifting, billowing, moist morning mist. Slug trail shimmering, faded asphalt.   Quiet, calming, claustrophobic cellar smell. City alleyway, sunrise street scent.  
Kansas, the place where my fathers’ fathers have made home. A place where on the prairie, the buffalo roam. But the place of Kansas where I lay in bed Is much different but the voices of my fathers still sing in my head.
Several tilting "condemned" posters plaster the front door Aluminum foil covers windows busted out by a meth lab gone wrong
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