Middle East

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Why do they hate us? They sit upon their skyscrapers With eyes malicious and green with lust. They feast like kings and hiss like serpents,
Killin’ in the name of…Greed, and justice overseas A father died a martyr and now his family takes lead In the, anger, and angst that followsbut this is guilt that the west won’t swallow  
There's a place where the middle meets the east.   Some of it is made of sand, it's bland and you could get lost - in the smoke, the ashes, and in the tears of children and parents
MENA. The Middle East and North Africa. Eleventh of March, 2003 UNESCO Institute of Statistics- Quote.
His forearm is cooled by the sweat of his elbows. The fire is started in his hand, in a ski mask and shell toes.
Our men are made of flesh and blood
I will not describe my culture, With romantic language,  Showcasing the beauty of our brides, Adorned in striking crimson, Or the spiritual resting places, That spread themselves accross the lands,
The chador draped across her
In the world you live, there are villains, There are villains who call themselves heroes, they're given your rejection, attempting to eclipse the shining truth with deception,
We are brother in faith yet we demolish the fabric of our very religion and this glorified arms race Reminds us only of our various regions we choose to claim superiority
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